Almost every adult has a mobile phone, and so do many children. The explosion of mobile phone uses in the last few decades has been astounding: In 1988 there were approximately 500,000 mobile phone subscribers in the US; by 1993 this had grown to 13,000,000. By 2006 there were 223 million mobile phone users.

Mobile phones transmit and receive Radio Frequency (RF) signals in order to communicate. The RF signals from mobile phones fall within the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This radiation is also referred to as microwave radiation or electromagnetic radiation. In short: Mobile phones use microwave radiation to communicate. Consequently, our landscapes and cities are covered by ‘base stations’ that relay the microwave signals used for communication. Both the base stations and the mobile phones emit microwave radiation. The health effects of mobile phone radiation on children are very worrisome. All government reports and many scientific studies that are referred to in this article emphasize that these children are more vulnerable than adults. Microwaves can be harmful to humans; the most obvious harmful effect is heating: warming up your food in the microwave is an everyday example of heating through microwaves.

Children that grow up in our new mobile phone world are exposed to microwave radiation from the moment they are in the womb. However, the effects of microwave radiation on infants are unknown to most parents. A one year old could absorb around double [the radio frequency (RF) radiation], and a five year old around 60%, more than an adult.

A German study published in 2004 titled ‘The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer’, showed a 3 times higher risk of developing cancer for people who lived within 400 meters of a cell phone tower for a period of five years. A similar Spanish study found that people living in the close vicinity of a cell phone tower had the following health problems:

Those health effects apply to adults; children can be expected to have even more severe health issues due to the increased absorption of the same radiation levels. Health effect has linked mouth cancer in adults to mobile phone, RF radiation is a proven health risk, and especially children should have minimal exposure. A parent can take the following to minimize their children’s exposure to RF radiation:

Mobile phone addiction is a big social problem. Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone addiction is becoming one of the biggest non-drug addictions in the 21st century. Along with the age drop of the mobile phone users and the ease of prepaid method provide by the system operators, most teenagers now own mobile phone and network service. Teenagers are engaged on their mobile phones all the time, no matter on phone cells, using SMS text messages, personalizing the mobile phone with ring tones and pictures etc. New models of mobile phones are released almost everyday. In order to get up-to-date, people tend to change their mobile phone once in a while. These became habits among the mobile phone users causing them to spend unnecessary cost on mobile bills and costs.

Cyber harassment is also another issue among the disadvantage of mobile phones. Cyber harassment is a bullying Act using offensive words and behavior via online chatting, emails or SMS text messages. It was showed that the psychological effects of cyber harassment are much severe than face to face bullying. The problem now is among teenagers especially the secondary students.

Do you think that mobile phones be banned in colleges and schools?