Homen Bargohain



19th Aug 2011




Homen Bargohain was born in the year 1932 at Dhakuakhana. Homen Bargohain is an  intellectual of eminence. He is the well-known writer of Assamese literature. He is a critic, novelist, columnist, short story writer, poet and a journalist. Homen Borgohain is one of those few Assamese writers whose works have attracted the attention of a wide number of readers and many acclaimed critics alike. He was the editor of influential journal Saptahik Nilachal, and Nagarik. At present he is the editor of Amar Asom, well circulated daily of Assam at present. He was also the founder editor of Satsori. He is the pioneer of bringing revolutionary changes and developments in the publishing industry of Assam. He gave chance many potential new writers in his papers and excavated new talents in the Assamese literature. He presently writes the popular column Prothom Kolom in Amar Asom. Though he is a natural columnist, yet his multifaceted genius exhibits its prowess in the genres of novel, short story and poetry with equal aplomb. He is a prolific writer but that has in no way jeopardized his own artistic integrity.



He married Nirupama Tamuli Phukan, famous in Assam as Nirupama Borgohain: one of the most popular writers of her generation and an exponent of early feminist writings in Assam. They have two sons, Anindya Borgohain and Pradipta Borgohain. Nirupuma, too won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel Abhijatri. Their son Pradipta Borgohain is also a writer and academic who teaches at the Gauhati University. Their elder son, Anindya, apart from working with a bank, is also a freelance writer in Assamese. The writer couple wrote a novel called Puwar Purobi Sandhyar Bibhash, which is the first and perhaps the only joint-novel written in Assamese.


Sahitya Akademi Award winner Rita Chowdhury's bestselling as well as controversial novel Popiya Torar Sadhu probably derives inspiration from Homen Borgohain and Nirupuma Borgohain's life.



His famous novel was Pita Putra. It is the story of two generations when quick changes were taking place in rural Assam. He was honored with the Sahitya Academy Award in 1978 for this novel. He has also won the Assam Valley Literary Award in 1991. His famous novel is Matsyagandha. In this novel, he unfolded the life livings of the fisher folk of Assam.

The protagonist Menaka, belongs to kaibartya community, the lower caste untouchables of Assam. His other major novels are Subala, Tantrik, Kushilav Halodhiya Choraye Baudhan Khai, Timir Tirtha, Astarag, Saudar Puteke Nau Meli Jai. He wrote two anthologies of short stories like-Smriti Swapna Bikhad, Astityor Jyotirmoy Chetana. His famous poetry was Hoimontee. He also penned several non-fiction. Mentionable are-Atmanusandhan, Swarga Aru Narak, Jeebonor Sadhana, Gadyar Sadhana, Prajnar Sadhana, Amak Kitap Lage, Jeebonor Madhurotom Samay, Bibhinna Narak, Saptam Dashak, Jijnasha ,Ananda Aru Bedanar Sandhanot, Atma Dweepo Bhaba, Mur Sangbadik Jeebon, Sukh Dukh, Pathakar Tukabohi, Kitap Porar Ananda, Adhunik Jugor Janma Kahini, Benjamin Franklin, Socrates, Luis Pasteur, Ussakangha, Bikkhonnota, Pratibhar Natun Sanga Diya Manuhjan. His book has been translated into English and sevaral Indian languages.


He was awarded the 1978 Sahitya Akademi Award in Assamese language for his novel, Pita Putra. His other honors include Assam Valley Literary Award and Nilamoni Phukan Award from Asom Sahitya Sabha.