28th Sep 2011


Bhattadev was born in1558 A.D. in a place called Barnagar in Barpeta district of Assam. His father Chandra Bharati was a scholar. His actual name was Baikuntha Nath Bhattacharya. One of the most favourite disciples of Mahapurush Sri Sri Damodardev, Bhattadev was one of the founders of Indian prose writing literature. Bhattadev was a Brahman (Brahmin) Sakta Scholar. After a defeat in a debate with Damodardev a follower of Sri Sri Sankardev he decided to devote himself to Vaishnavism and at the advice of Sri Sri Sankardev, Damodardev gave him the Dikkha of Bhagawati Vaishnab Dharma. Thus, Damodardev became his Guru. At the advice of Guru Damodardev, Bhattadev translated Dwadas Skandha Bhagawat in prose. But what had happened to that big translation work of Kotha Bhagawat is not known till now. Then at the request of Guru Damodardev, he wrote a shorter version of the Bhagawat known as Kotha Bhagawat.

As per Achharya P C Roy and Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, Bhattadevs Kotha Bhagawat should be placed second in history and as the worlds best. Bhattadev is regarded as the first Assamese Prose Writer. He was the architect of Assamese prose in the earliest phase. He died in 1638 A.D. His contributions were-


      Katha Bhagawat

      Katha Geeta

      Satwat Tantra-said to be written by Bhattadev

      Prasanga Mala-said to be written by Bhattadev

      Bhakti Ratnawali-said to be written by Bhattadev

      Nandotsav-said to be written by Bhattadev

      Bishnu Sahasra Naam- said to be written by Bhattadev

      Saran Sangrah-said to be written by Bhattadev

      Bhakti Vivek (Sanskrit)

      Bhakti Saar (Sanskrit)

      Bhagawat Adhikaran

      Saran Maalika

      Guru Vangdhavali